Keighley Singles Pool League

Keighley Singles Pool League 2020

Season 16

£4,440 Prize Fund


The list of entrants will primarily consist of amateur Keighley based players. The primary aim of the league is to provide competitive pool for Keighley based players. Entrants from outside Keighley will be considered based on their perceived ability to contribute towards this objective. The league also retains the right to refuse entry to any player it considers is of standard to high for the league. This is so the league can retain its social element and to encourage participation of players of all levels.

4 divisions of 16 players playing one match per week over 15 weeks followed by a presentation and finals KO night,

All  Divisions played to World Rules

All matches on Sunday's at Pilky’s.

League starts Sunday 2nd Feb 2020

This season deposits of £25 have to be paid, this pays for your last five games of the season, but is non refundable should you drop out, any existing players who haven't paid their deposit by the closing date will automatically be replaced with players from the waiting list.

Each player pays £5 per week or match, tables will be on free play.

Matches in 3rd & 4th Div will be 11 frames, 1st & 2nd 13 frames with one point per frame won plus 2 points bonus for a win.

At the end of a season 16 players from each  division play a knockout comp that is split into 2 halfs top eight & bottom eight ranked players. With prize money of £210, winner £100 r/up £50 and semi finalist £30 all played on one day. 


Payout structure First Division:

1st £220
2nd £180
3rd £160
4th £140
5th £120
6th £100
7th £90
8th £80
9th £70
10th £60
11th £50
12th £40

 Payout stucture 2nd Division 

1st £170
2nd £140
3rd £110
4th £100
5th £90
6th £80
7th £70
8th £60


Payout structure Third Division:

1st £160
2nd £130
3rd £100
4th £90
5th £80
6th £70
7th £60
8th £50


Payout structure Fourth Division:

1st £150
2nd £130
3rd £100
4th £90
5th £80
6th £70
7th £60
8th £50
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