Singles Darts League Rules
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Keighley Singles Darts League Rules & Regulations

1.    Singles league officials reserve the right to make decisions on any situation that will best benefit the singles league as a whole.

2.    The list of entrants will primarily consist of amateur Keighley based players. The primary aim of the league is to provide competitive Darts for Keighley based players. Entrants from outside Keighley will be considered based on their perceived ability to contribute towards this objective. No professional Darts players allowed to enter past or present. The league also retains the right to refuse entry to any player it considers is of standard to high for the league, for example County and Super League players. This is so the league can retain its social element and to encourage participation of players of all levels.

3.    Players Match fees will be £5 per player, fees must be paid before playing the match no exceptions.  All match fees will go towards the prize fund along with substantial sponsorship from Pilky’s.

4.    Contact details for all players in the relevant division will be provided to players on request. It should be noted that it is the responsibility of all players to ensure that their contact details are up to date.

5.    All matches must be played at Pilky’s Cue Sports Club & Bar. Matches are scheduled for Tuesday evenings, but players may rearrange matches for other dates and times if their opponents agree.

6.    Players must try and give their opponents at least 24hrs notice when rearranging games

7.    Please try and play rearranged games within two weeks of the scheduled match date, with the exception of the last two games of the season which must be played on or before the date scheduled. All rearranged games must be completed before the last two matches of the season.

8.    Players failing to complete the seasons fixtures may be subject to censure this may be in the form of a fine (which will be used to top up the prize pot by the amount that was lost due to their non-fulfilment of fixtures), a refundable deposit to be paid before entry into future events at Pilky’s, or exclusion from the league and future events.

9.    Players that don’t pay all match fees or complete all their matches will not be eligible to receive prize money. Match fees must still be paid even if your opponent fails to turn up, or the game isn't played.

10.    Players will be informed of the fixtures before the first day of the season. This information will also be available on Pilky’s web site, or on the notice board in Pilky’s.

11.    All matches will be 12 legs of 501, all legs finishing on a Double. The first player to reduce the score required to exactly zero, by obtaining the required double, is the winner of that leg. Bull will count as a double.

12.    Both players will throw for the Bull to decide who throws first, then alternate until match is complete.

13.    Match sheets should be completed accurately and with all requested information. Both players must sign match sheet. Any disputes must be notified to a league official before signing the sheet.

14.    One point will be awarded per leg won.

15.    Two points will be awarded as a win bonus for any player scoring 7 legs or more.

16.    One point bonus for a 6-6 draw.

17.    All matches are to be self marked between league players with each player marking their opponants scores, any player failing to mark matches may be penalised with a loss of 2 points. The marker must not announce the score until all three darts have been thrown. It is permissible to inform the thrower but only if asked. The marker will endeavour to verify the score after 3 darts have been thrown, but it's the throwers responsibility to ensure darts remain in the board until score has been verified. The thrower must remove their own darts from the board. Only darts thrown and remaining in the board count for score.

18.    Players planning to be on holiday for two weeks or more should notify league officials and any opponents potentially affected by this. Failure to notify could result in a point’s deduction.

19.    Any matches which are not played within the time specified will be ruled a 0-0 unless discussed in good time with a league official.

20.    If a player fails to turn up, the match will be awarded to their opponent 8 - 0 or the players average score up to that point, whichever is higher.

21.    All 12 legs must be played, players are not allowed to concede legs, matches with any conceded legs will be void and any player deliberately giving legs to their opponent will be removed from league.

22.    Any issues or disputes will be subject to consideration by league officials. Complaints must be made promptly, either by letter or email. All decisions will be made as fairly and reasonably as possible, with the best interest of the singles league as a whole, at the forefront of the decision making process.

23.   Should there be more than one division players will be placed as fairly as possible in divisions according to their respective abilities and achievements. Consideration will be given to previous results in the singles league, and where possible players will be promoted or relegated for finishing in the top or bottom three places. However this may not always be possible due to new players entering and players withdrawing.

24.   Players not completing their fixtures or withdrawing from the league will be either be replaced by a reserve or have all their results voided, league officials reserve the right to rule on the difference between a match being forfeited and a player withdrawing, especially late in the season. This is in order to best preserve the integrity of the league.

25.   If a player drops out and a replacement player of similar ability can't be found, the prize money will reduce by the amount of the missing match fees and sponsorship money will reduce on a pro rata basis. Same applies for any unplayed matches and missing match fees.

League  Organiser:   Glen Pilkington  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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